In the heart of Naples, via courts, a few meters of the story, "RE DI NAPOLI BED, located in a XV century building, is waiting to make your stay comfortable and warm. The apartment was completely renovated and furnished with luxury and attention to detail. From its balconies full of beautiful flowers, you can enjoy the wonderful view of the city, its churches and architecture of older buildings.
"RE DI NAPOLI BED is located in Old Town, in the old road" Decumano Maggiore, near the Cathedral and the Treasury of St. Gennaro, known throughout the world. The apartment is located a few minutes walk from the ancient greek "agora", now called Piazza S. Gaetano. Also very close as possible to find the path S. Gregorio Armeno, (known throughout the world for cribs), underground Naples and the Basilica of St. Lorenzo, where you can access the basement of the greek-roman. From home you can walk to the chapel of St. Severus, the Conservatory of Music S. Pietro a Maiella, the Spanish Quarter, and many other places with their historical and cultural value.
The RE DI NAPOLI BED with great warmth and personal attention to guests. We are always available to provide useful information, first about the best restaurants and most interesting places on the other hand might also useful means of transport to the city vsitar simple and cheap way of truth.


Telefono +39 081 445952
E-mail info@redinapolibed.it

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